Saturday, 12 July 2014

Harkening Back to Praiano

This is a quick post that harkens back to our stay in Praiano.  The theme of the post is inspired by my daughter who, based on her own experiences in Praiano, advised us early on to embrace the stairs, my good friend Linda, who enjoys off-beat photos and commented on our restaurant stairs photo, Charles, who had the idea to photograph the route one day when he went up for water, and my son, who wondered what all the "stairs fuss" was about.

Below is the route we took whenever we went to town, often several times a day, during our stay in Praiano.

The gate from Casa Angelina that leads to the short cut to the town centre

The path on the other side of the gate ...looks innocent enough, yes?

At the end of the path, you could go right and down to the water...

Or, you could go left, and up toward the Praiano town centre ...this is the route we took daily

At the top, turn right

Keep going and turn right again and...

And, just when you think you've arrived...

One more time, with feeling :)

At the top of these stairs, you finally hit the road, but on evenings when we would go to our favourite restaurant in town, Ristorante La Strada...

Here's our favourite restaurant in town, but to get the patio & view more time with more feeling!

There would be one more set of stairs to climb...
Because even though your heart is still pounding, yet another flight of stairs awaits the seasoned and unseasoned climber!

At the end, though, this is what awaits...if you luck out and get a window by the railing, wow!  A fantastic view to accompany an even more fantastic meal with regional wine that was surprisingly lovely :)

Okay, so we need more practice with our night shots.  That's Positano nestled at the foot of the mountain. It's that smattering of lights you can see if you look really close. This became our table.  The waiter, Lorenzo, liked us :)

So that's what all the fuss was about, Joe.  Hope it all makes more sense to you now :)

We're actually currently in Cinque Terre, another marvellous spot! Just waiting until we get a few more photos before posting about this amazing place. And yes, the stairs are back.  I guess there is something about mountains and large hills that is synonymous with stairs.


  1. Sounds like with all the exercise, you can have all the pasta, gelato, and lattes you want!

    1. I wish! Doesn't seem to work that way. Not sue why, but it feels like our waists are expanding daily. Definitely will need to go on a mega diet when we get home :)

  2. Rick Stveves should make a post restaurant tour of Italy diet companion guide.